7 Ways to Stay Inspired to Workout

By: Wendi

I remember the first time I attended a Heart on a Mission Moves meet-up with a  BODYBLAST4X4 class.  I loved the energy from the instructors, the high fives, the music, and the warm welcome from such a sweet group of women.  I gave it my all and definitely felt it the next day, as I was so sore I could not move or sit without pain. I could have called it quits, but I wanted more.

When you have a hard time staying motivated to exercise, look no further than the seven steps below for some much needed inspiration!

1-Workout at a consistent time of day-Consistency is the key to success.  Evaluate your schedule and try to stick to a similar time to exercise each day.  After a while, it will become an automatic part of your daily routine.

2-Value the benefits of exercise-There are many great benefits to exercise. It’s good for your heart, your mind, body, and spirit.

3-Find a few workout buddies-If you have friends on an exercise journey with you, it helps you stay motivated on the days you want to crawl back in bed.  It’s necessary to have a few workout friends, just in case someone cannot make it that day. Then, you are not tempted to skip.

4-Carpool-Not only are you saving the planet and gas, but it’s also a time to get to know each other better while increasing your chances of sticking to your workout regimen. I began carpooling with a friend and it helps us with accountability, motivation, and our friendship has blossomed.

5-Notice results-Once you begin noticing changes in your body,  that is motivation enough to keep up the exercise.  Weight loss isn’t the only gain you may notice, so pay attention to other areas such as; your endurance, balance, strength, and flexibility.

6-Work hard and have fun while doing it-When it comes to exercise, you get what you put in.  Give it your all and have a few laughs with friends while you’re doing it.

7-Set Goals-What are your exercise goals?  Write them down, and review them often. Hold yourself accountable by putting those goals in an area you often see. Meeting goals inspires us to create more and reach higher.

Wendi has been an Army spouse for almost two years. She has over nine years of experience in Adult Education and is currently pursuing her Master’s Degree in Instructional Lady 7 Ways to Stay Inspired to WorkoutTechnology. She is extremely passionate about helping military spouses transition and acclimate to this lifestyle by sharing experiences, insight, and resources through her blog Strength4Spouses.


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