Who We Are

Our Mission is to build a more connected military community through the power of servant leadership.


We connect with individuals in our communities and then connect the individuals to the team and their community through team service, information, and team-building.


We encourage fitness and offer opportunities to move five days a week at most locations, while also teaching the importance of balance. Get fit with run, bike, swim, walk, and move meet-ups!


We mentor individuals to grow them into servant leaders, a philosophy that encourages them to focus primarily on the growth and well-being of the people they serve.


We perform acts of kindness, whether within the group or in our community, in order to  become more impactful individuals, build esprit de corps, and create team cohesion.

About Heart On A Mission

Heart on a Mission (H.O.A.M.) is a nonprofit organization devoted to providing transformational support for all members of our community – particularly those serving in the military. As a military support group, we believe that ‘giving back,’ ‘paying it forward’ and ‘intentional acts of kindness’ are important models of behavior that result in strong thriving, communities. Our H.O.A.M team members are deeply committed to servant leadership as they continue to identify needs and fulfill them in tangible sustainable ways. Much of the work that we do is free of charge because we believe our service is heart-felt and should not be limited to only those who can pay.

Heart on a Mission seeks to fill the essential “need to belong” for military families so they can support the readiness and resilience of their service member. These families endure separation, considerable stress, and emotional pain when changing duty stations. We help in these transitions by creating a welcoming, inspiring, and encouraging community. H.O.A.M. surrounds these families with opportunities for collective achievement and personal development through uplifting physical and mental wellness activities and community service. In this way, we are able to develop team members’ sense of mission, purpose, belonging, and self-esteem within days or weeks, not months or years.

H.O.A.M. connects and supports hundreds of military families every day. Our professionally trained coaches and volunteers focus on servant leadership, consistent movement, connection, and encouragement. We grow unique community cultures by offering team members the knowledge and opportunity to serve each other and their communities.

We align our values of teamwork, high achievement, and esprit de corps to those of the military partners we serve. Our team members grow in health and wellness, but most importantly in heart, and consequently thrive. We strive to make the military community a “H.O.A.M. away from home” for the lives we are honored to touch.













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