Joyce’s Introduction

Hey HOAM fam! Welcome to our online community, where you can connect with HOAM team members from all over the world. My name is Joyce Reimnitz. I’m a team member at Fort Belvoir, Virginia.

I joined HOAM right after I had my first child, a 9-month-old daughter named Rachel. I’m an Orange County,California girl—born and raised. I grew up a few freeway exits from Disneyland, and didn’t leave the Golden State until I headed to Northern Indiana for law school. I met my husband later in life, when I was back in grad school working on a master’s degree in theology, with an emphasis in spirituality. At the same time, I was still an attorney, practicing real estate and bankruptcy law. I felt I had a calling to serve others, so I was discerning whether or not becoming a Catholic religious woman (aka Sister Joyce) was in my future. God had different plans for me when he introduced me to Patrick, an Air Force officer assigned to the AFROTC detachment, and also pursuing a master’s degree in theology from the same university as me.

My husband, Patrick, is currently detailed to the State Department. Because he isn’t working on a military installation, our transition into life in the D.C. metro area two years ago was originally very difficult. We don’t live on base or on post. Life in the civilian world is fast-paced; in practice, work comes before family and health. Making friends outside of the military was difficult—not because people weren’t nice—because people lacked time. I got caught up in working long hours as well, up until two weeks before I gave birth to Rachel.

After I had Rachel, we decided to get more involved at Fort Belvoir. I found myself new to being a stay-at-home mom, and needed some guidance and friendship to help me adjust to my new life. At first, it was a bit intimidating because we live off-post and we aren’t an Army family. Eventually, the butterflies went away, and we began to join various Fort Belvoir communities, including HOAM.

Life for us has changed dramatically. I love getting to know my fellow “milspouses”, learning their stories, and sharing mine. I love the diversity of military branches at Fort Belvoir; its location in Northern Virginia brings Army, Marine, Coast Guard, Navy, and Air Force families. I also love the fact that I can be myself within this great, big military family.

My interest in spirituality and finances, coupled with my desire to help people navigate through those matters hasn’t gone away. I’m looking forward to sharing a few of my tips and learning a lot more from the greater HOAM community. Please don’t hesitate to ask us ANYTHING—if I don’t have an answer, someone in our beautiful community will!

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JoyceJoyce’s Introduction

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