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As military family members we often sacrifice a lot, but most of all, we sacrifice time—time away from our family, time spent traveling to see our friends and family, time spent counting down the days until we get to see our soldier again, time spent losing our minds trying to balance the daily tasks of what it takes to be a functioning human in today’s society.
It’s important to have something to keep you sane, an outlet of sorts. The HOAM blog is a place where you can find fellow military family members blogging about not only HOAM, but their lifestyles in a vulnerable, easily relatable way.
Just a little about me: My name is Kalyn Curtis. I am the HOAM Blog Manager. I met my husband, Sean, in high school (circa 2006). It wasn’t until two or three years after we first met that we started dating. At the time, he was a Lance Corporal in the United States Marine Corps, stationed in Kaneohe Bay, Hawaii (rough life, right?). I was and still am a very lucky girl. Our first date was when he flew me out to Hawaii to visit him for about two weeks (I know, I know! Like I said, I’m a lucky girl.)
While engaged to Sean, I graduated with bachelor’s degree in Journalism from Indiana University in 2012. Just one month after graduation, we ventured out to Bryan, Texas, where I landed my first professional job as a broadcast reporter. After ten months of reporting, I realized it wasn’t for me. So, after five years of dating, we got married and Sean joined the Army. We have been stationed at Fort Riley, KS since April 2014.
I have been married to my soldier for four years. We have two children, Grayson (2), Macey (1), and one dog, Aubrey (so basically three children). You would think having two children under the age of two would be challenging enough, but my dog is so high maintenance! She was our first “fur baby”, and she loves to remind us of that on a daily basis.
Enough about me. We want to hear from you! If you’re a blogger, photographer, or have any creative abilities, let me know! Shoot me an email at Kalyn.curtis.hoam@gmail.com. If you’ve never blogged before, but would like to give it a try, don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and be vulnerable! Again, I want to hear from YOU! Please e-mail me a brief sample of your writing so we can get you involved!

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KalynWelcome to your HOAM away from home.

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