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How many times can you honestly say that you can see yourself changing daily because of an hour a day? Well that's exactly what I can say thanks to my HOAM team. This team has had such an impact on my life in such a short amount of time, and in the most unexpected ways. I first joined because I loved the idea that it was a free workout group and I could bring my daughter with me. I was a little skeptical and apprehensive of how well I would like class or if I'd continue. The workouts were challenging but with each high-five and "give it your all" or "we can do this" I grew stronger, but the effects were not only physical. So often as a military wife, it's difficult to find where I fit in or at the very least, don't feel judged. I found both of those (and so much more!) at HOAM. Not only was I growing physically stronger, but I was connecting with other ladies and their kiddos and getting out of my bubble and comfort zone. I have never felt judged or anything but loved here. Being a mother and spouse, it's easy to forget about yourself, but I've learned I need to nurture myself in order to be the best me I can be. Each week that passes, I'm more confident in the BODYBLAST routines, friendships I'm building with my teammates, and with myself. HOAM was the missing piece that I never knew was missing.

Christine Atkins
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Where do I begin... I came to Fort Leonard Wood a month and a half ago for our first duty station, knowing 0 wives who were going to be there with me. My husband and I prayed and prayed for a place for me to plug in and for a friend who was a believer. Within the first 3 days of being here, a total stranger came up and told me about Body Blast. She shared the heart, mission, and organization behind the workout with me and I knew I had to check it out. So far, God has used this class to bring some really awesome ladies into my life. The coaches know my name and personally encourage me every single class, which is so cool. I even met some Christian women who invited my husband and I into their Bible study and fellowship groups. Better yet, I know that there is a Body Blast group up in Fort Lewis (our next duty station), and that makes it SO much easier to look forward to our move in December. So... it's more than a workout (though it has made me a lot stronger!), it's a group of women who empower, encourage, and serve each other. And it's been such an honor and a blessing to be a part of such an awesome ministry.

Madison Kay
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I just started Body Blast with HOAM and I was a little nervous to join a new group and work out with them. My fitness level is not where I would like it to be and I have a hard time working my way into tightly formed groups. From day 1, my kids and I were welcomed with open arms. My fitness level didn't matter. I was supported and encouraged for just making the decision to show up! This group is full of amazing people on a mission to support and lift each other up. It is rare to find a group so genuine in a military community. I love the continuity of this organization with existing resiliency programs. It's a hard concept to take to the families and this organization is doing it! Strengthening an individual's psychological, social, and physiological needs help to build stronger more resilient family units. I cannot wait to get more involved in everything HOAM is doing! Let's keep the movement going strong!

Jennifer Edwards
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I have always had trouble leaving the house because I suffer from anxiety. H.O.A.M has given me not only the opportunity to become a better me but also a better wife and mother!, The support helps me get the courage to get out and meet such amazing and supportive people! I absolutely love everything about this!

Britney Lloyd
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