What We Do

What does it mean to join the mission? There are so many ways to get involved with Heart on a Mission (H.O.A.M.)! Join one or all of our programs – each will connect you to great people in your community and help you become the best you can be, no matter your walk of life. We can’t wait to meet you and look forward to making you a part of the H.O.A.M. Team!

Our Programs

H.O.A.M. Connects

We proactively engage individuals in our communities and then connect these members to their teams through social activity, movement and service. Coffee dates, picnics, and “Clean Machines Lunch and Learns” are some of the activities in our H.O.A.M. Connects program. We believe connection and belonging are the starting line and heart of total wellness. We practice vulnerability and keeping our circles open by encouraging members to choose something bigger than themselves – each other. Get connected on our mission for total wellness, positive impact, and a life of service!

H.O.A.M. Moves

Through our “H.O.A.M. Moves! Program, we aim to encourage total military family wellness and build a fitter military community. Choose your favorite way to stay active with our BODYBLAST4X4™ BLASTIT Fitness Method classes and ‘H.O.A.M. G.A.I.T.’ programs. Through walk, run, swim, bike, and hike meetups, we offer an uplifting, transformative team experience where our highly-trained Moves Ambassadors bring out your best you by focusing on the mind, soul and inner strength. Join our movement to transform the way wellness is perceived, from body-centric to a matter of heart!

H.O.A.M. Builds

We implement our Servant Leadership Development and Mentorship Program with all H.O.A.M. volunteers and leaders, expanding the vision of bringing servant leadership to our military communities. Servant leadership is the ability to positively influence and empower others to achieve their goals. The servant leader’s focus is primarily on the growth and well-being of the people he/she serves. This leadership philosophy has been expanded into our signature “Heart Leader” Servant Leader Development Training and Mentorship Program – the foundation of H.O.A.M. culture. As we grow, it is our mission to build a large community of strong servant leaders to impact our communities in previously unimagined ways.

H.O.A.M. Serves

Our vision is to become a living, breathing, and moving global service project. From moving service for our H.O.A.M. family through wellness meetups, to serving our surrounding communities – we understand the profound, transformational impact of service. It is our mission to connect military communities to total health and wellness through the power of giving back, paying it forward, and intentional acts of encouragement, kindness, and service.

We offer all our programs free of charge, but consider the cost to be our team members, in turn, giving back and investing in their communities and this life-changing movement.

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